Why Visit The Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa Zoo is one of the great attractions in Tulsa and whether you are a local that has never gone, or a visitor to the great city, the Tulsa Zoo is not something that you want to miss. The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is located at 6421 East 36th Street North and features some of the best attractions in Tulsa, with lots to see and do within the Zoo. The Zoo comprises both the animal exhibits, which include some very rare and exotic ones, but also the Living Museum, which is a great place to visit on its own, and should be an attraction in its own right.

The Zoo in Tulsa and the Living Museum features more than fifteen hundred animals that are in exhibits separated by beautifully landscaped paths and areas. You can check out the elephants and the tigers, as well as bears, and the Zoo features some special exhibits during certain times of the year like the Wings of Wonder exhibit, which features thousands of rare butterflies that you simply can’t see anywhere else. You can also visit the Children’s Zoo which allow you kids to get up close and personal with the animals as well as the North American Living Museum.

Other exhibits or rides available at the Tulsa zoo include Camel Tours, which will allow you to tour the zoo on top of a camel. Also, the Monolith Rock Wall and Frogger are great hands on exhibits for kids. The Monolith allows you to climb a huge 25 foot rock wall, with four members of your family at a time. The Frogger is a large inflatable trampoline that requires the jumpers to be harnessed and goes very high. Then, when you are ready to have lunch, you can check out the Helmerich Playground for a beautiful picnic area with play equipment.

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