Seeking Tulsa Restaurants Best Meals

When visiting Tulsa, there are some great meals that you should not skip if you have the chance to visit the restaurant that offers them. Tulsa, Oklahoma has a great heritage when it comes to food, and finding Tulsa Restaurants best meals may be some of the best food that you have ever tasted. Here are some of the favorites among Tulsa restaurants best meals.

Hey Mambo in downtown Tulsa is one of the establishments in the city serving up one of the Tulsa restaurants best meals. The delicious meal in question is Spaghetti Carbonara, which is a taste of real Italy right in Tulsa. This creamy dish is one of the top meals in Tulsa and stands out among Pasta. Whether or not it compares with Spaghetti Carbonara you’d find in Naples may get some argument from Italy natives, but is certainly is a favorite with tourists and locals in Tulsa.

The steaks at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is the second entry on our list of the best Tulsa restaurant meals. They served corn fed USDA Prime Page that is aged for up to four weeks which provides the most delicious flavors and textures. The beef is also cut by hand each day and is broiled at extremely high temperatures which causes it to contain all of the juices and the flavor. Not only is Fleming’s one of Tulsa restaurants best, but it is also famous all over the country

The California Pizza Kitchen has the next of the best on our list. The CPK Cobb Salad is one of the most amazing dishes to come out of Oklahoma, featuring chopped lettuce and applewood smoked bacon, as well as grilled chicken and diced tomatoes and delicious fresh avacados, as well as Gorgonzola Cheese. The restaurant should definitely be a stop on your vacation.

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