How to Stay Safe When Shopping Cheap Tulsa Hotels

It can be tempting to choose cheap Tulsa hotels when going on vacation in order to have money to spend on other aspects of your vacation. While there are many great discount hotels in Tulsa, you should keep a few things in mind in order to stay safe. You don’t want to choose a hotel that is in a bad area of town, or has other guests that are constantly drunk or dangerous and while many of these hotels are easy to seek out and avoid, there are others that can be more difficult to pinpoint. Finding cheap Tulsa hotels that are still completely safe will make your vacation much better.

First, when shopping cheap Tulsa hotels, talk to the hotel management. Clerks that speak very little English, or that don’t give out the information that you want regarding the safety should be avoided. Clerks that are professional and accommodating will usually keep a clean and safe hotel.

Next, check out the nearby businesses. If there are a lot of liquor stores, convenience stores with bars on the window, or behind glass, then you may want to avoid that particular hotel, as transients and drug users, as well as criminals may frequent the area.

Third, be sure that you check out the room. A room can give a lot of clues as to how safe the hotel is, and if the maids are not doing their job, you may find evidence that undesirable people may frequent the hotel.

Finally, observe the guests that are coming and going to the hotel. It can be quite easy to tell if a hotel has guests that do drugs, or are drunk all the time by observing those outside the hotel. Also, a great indication that you want to skip a particular selection of cheap Tulsa hotels is if the police show up and arrest someone at the hotel.

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