How to Stay Safe When Shopping Cheap Tulsa Hotels


It can be tempting to choose cheap Tulsa hotels when going on vacation in order to have money to spend on other aspects of your vacation. While there are many great discount hotels in Tulsa, you should keep a few things in mind in order to stay safe. You don't want to choose a hotel that is in a bad area of town, or has other guests that are constantly drunk or dangerous and while many of these hotels are easy to seek out and avoid, there are others that can be more difficult to pinpoint. Finding cheap Tulsa hotels that are still completely safe will make your vacation much better. First, when shopping cheap Tulsa hotels, talk to the hotel management. Clerks that speak very little English, or that don't give out the information that you want regarding the safety should be avoided. Clerks … [Read more...]

How to Choose Tulsa Hotels Downtown


There are some great Tulsa hotels downtown to choose from, and the nice thing is that they are nearby to much of the tourist attractions in the downtown area. Of course, where you are going to stay depends a lot upon what kind of budget that you have but there are the top Tulsa hotels downtown if you want the best experience that Tulsa has to offer. You may be able to find deals on these world class hotels if you look but deciding upon what kind of hotel that you want to stay in starts with first determining how much you are willing to spend for a great hotel. The first thing that you need to ask yourself when choosing Tulsa hotels downtown is what amenities you'll want the hotel to include which will save you money. For instance, if you have an abnormally large family, the hotel providing … [Read more...]

Great Downtown Tulsa Hotels to Stay In


If you are looking for some great downtown Tulsa hotels, here are a few that are recommended to travelers and vacationers that are planning to stay in the area. The first is the Courtyard by Mariott Tulsa Downtown, which is a hotel that offers great services, and a beautiful historic building. Located on South Boston Avenue, the hotel offers premium television channels in the room, as well as AC, voicemail, a coffee and tea maker, hair dryer, an iPod dock, wireless high-speed and wired high-speed internet. Also, the hotel has a restaurant inside. The Ambassador, at 1324 South Main Street is the next hotel on our list, and it is a beautiful historic hotel that is one of the best downtown Tulsa hotels. Customers say that this feature on the list of downtown Tulsa hotels is a boutique hotel … [Read more...]

How to Find Deals on Tulsa Hotels


If you are heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma for your next vacation, then you might be thinking about the best way to save some money on Tulsa hotels. Hotels on vacation can be pricey and even with the advent of online bidding for prices and discount websites, it can be difficult to know how much you should spend to get a decent hotel, and how to save money on a great hotel that is in a location near tourist attraction or has other amenities such as free meals or shuttle service that will save you money on eating out, taxi fare and car rental fees. The first thing that you should consider doing is trying to get a vacation package online if possible. Often vacation packages can have great deals attached to them, not only on the hotel, but also often on airfare and activities that you might want … [Read more...]