Why Visit The Tulsa Zoo


The Tulsa Zoo is one of the great attractions in Tulsa and whether you are a local that has never gone, or a visitor to the great city, the Tulsa Zoo is not something that you want to miss. The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is located at 6421 East 36th Street North and features some of the best attractions in Tulsa, with lots to see and do within the Zoo. The Zoo comprises both the animal exhibits, which include some very rare and exotic ones, but also the Living Museum, which is a great place to visit on its own, and should be an attraction in its own right. The Zoo in Tulsa and the Living Museum features more than fifteen hundred animals that are in exhibits separated by beautifully landscaped paths and areas. You can check out the elephants and the tigers, as well as bears, and the Zoo … [Read more...]

Annual Tulsa Events You Shouldn’t Miss


There are some great annual events that happen in Tulsa and you should check out these Tulsa events if you are there at the same time – or if you lose in the area. The first on our list of Tulsa events that you shouldn't miss is the Tulsa State Fair, which is from September 30th to October 10th. The unique things about this fair is that it is one of the largest in the globe and doesn't cost as much as you think to get in. The fair hosts more than a million dollar people every year and they offer discounts for children, as well as for those in the military. Second on our list of annual Tulsa events is the Tulsa Oktoberfest, which has been called one of the best such events in the country. This German themed event is huge and it starts on a Friday with huge crowds and celebration. Saturday … [Read more...]

How to Find The Best Tulsa Concerts


If you are looking for the best Tulsa concerts there are a few places that you can check that will give you details on how to find those concerts and where to get tickets. One of the best resources is probably something that you already do every day – listening to the radio. The great thing about the radio is that they will not only list most if not all of the big concerts in Tulsa but they may even give away free tickets in contests. If you need information on an upcoming concert and you haven't heard anything, you can often call in and ask the on-air person for more information. Local art magazines will list concerts as well. These art magazines and newspapers are usually located around the city in bins, usually in abundance near the college areas, The magazines will usually showcase … [Read more...]

Three Great Tulsa Attractions


One of the terrific Tulsa attractions that you should visit if you get a chance is the Oral Roberts Unversity, which is a favorite among tourists and is located at 7777 South Lewis. ORU is so popular because of the architecture that makes up the University as well as the architecture. The ministry of Oral Roberts is known to many people and the University features a “Journey Into Faith” Presentation that showcases it. Also, there are the prayer gardens that you simply shouldn't miss, below the tower, that allow tourists to sit, rest and take in the beautiful view. River Parks is the next attraction on our list, located here in Tulsa. The park runs along the bank of the Arkansas River and sits between the bridge on 11th Street and the one on 81st as well as on Riverside Drive. You can … [Read more...]

Cheap and Free Stuff To Do in Tulsa


Sometimes you don't want to spend any money, or don't have any to spend, but luckily for you, there is a lot of stuff to do in Tulsa that doesn't cost anything. Here are some suggestions for admission free attractions that are sure to please any age. The first on our list of free stuff to do in Tulsa is the Kaleidoscope Children's Museum, which is located at 6202 Sheridan Road, and open from 10am to 6pm. Unlike other museum, kids are encouraged to handle and play with the exhibits here, and there are fun things like pint-sized Kid's City, so that you child can pretend to be a barber or a doctor, or even a fireman. There are also two big rock walls and a magnifying glass. The museum is 13,000 square feet of fun for your kids. While the Tulsa Air and Space Museum is not free, admission is … [Read more...]

Finding Unique Things to do in Tulsa OK


If you are looking for things to do in Tulsa OK then here are some suggestions that will help you to find some out of the way tourist attractions that aren't on your vacation package. Most of the major tourist attractions are well known and well advertised, but many times, the main tourist attractions aren't the best that the city has to offer. However, there are some ways that you can things to do in Tulsa OK that other tourists don't really visit, and that is only known to locals, but may give you a better experience than a packed tourist trap. First, ask any of your friends or acquaintances of any places that they know if they live in the area. Locals are a great source of out of the way things to do in Tulsa OK because they have been in the area long enough to explore the known tourist … [Read more...]

Top Three Things to do in Tulsa


The top three list of the things to do in Tulsa starts with Spa Lux, a spa the likes of which you have never seen before. Spa Lux stands out among all other spas and will make you think that you are in New York or Las Vegas at one of the most luxurious spas in the country. The Spa Lux facility is located in South Tulsa and is around 4000 square feet and offers every spa service that you can imagine, plus a chance to get away. The décor is fine furnishings from some of the world's most exotic places and there is everything from body scrubs, massage, masks, hydrotherapy and more, and the price will surprise you as well. The Gilcrease Museum is second on our list of things to do in Tulsa, and this museum is perfect for any wild west enthusiast, with a huge collection of art and exhibits from … [Read more...]