Best Tulsa Restaurants For Kids

Anyone with a family appreciates restaurants that are family friendly and the first of the best Tulsa restaurants for kids is Steak Stuffers USA which is located on the Interstate 44 BA Interchange,  at 7846 East 51st. This is the place to go for authentic and delicious Philly Steak sandwiches, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Tourist report that they choose to visit just for the sandwiches at Steak Stuffers. You’ll have to go on the weekdays because it is closed on weekends, but Monday through Friday you can visit for Lunch or Dinner with your kids and have the most delicious Philly Steaks in Oklahoma.

Ollie’s Station Restaurant is the next on our list of the best Tulsa restaurants for kids, located in the West End of Tulsa and right next to a train yard. The location that Ollie’s is in has been a part of the city since 1894 and the restaurant is great for kids who are into trains including decorative train and railway items and electric trains that move on tracks above you. The menu is huge, and if you are looking for breakfast for lunch or dinner, Ollie’s is the place, with breakfast all day long. Another guest favorite is the Chicken Frisco Sandwich as well as the Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Third, our nomination for the best Tulsa restaurants for kids is Caz’s Chowhouse, which is located at 18 East Brady. This is a great family friendly restaurant and is located in the Art District of Tulsa if you are looking for something to do after the meal. One of the best parts of Caz’s is that if you go in on Wednesday evening, then your kids are going to eat for free, which saves you some money. From appetizers to soups and salads and entrees that are only about ten bucks, you are sure to find something you love at Caz’s.

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